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Making money in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a goal for many players, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran. From skilling and boss hunting to flipping items on the Grand Exchange, there are numerous methods to earn gold pieces. One option some players consider is buying osrs accounts for sale that already have wealth and high-level skills built up. However, many find more satisfaction in earning their riches through good old-fashioned gameplay.

In this ultimate money making guide, we’ll explore a variety of legitimate ways to accumulate wealth solely through your own efforts in OSRS. Whether you’re an Ironman or mainline player, a free-to-play legend or pay-to-play pro, this guide will have money making tips that can take your cash stack to new heights. Get ready to grind, hustle, and rise up the ranks of the richest in Gielinor! Here are the best tips to make money in OSRS:

1. High-Level Bossin

High-level bossing represents some of the most challenging yet rewarding money making methods in Old School RuneScape. Taking on these powerful bosses requires players to have top-tier gear, high combat stats, and a mastery of mechanics and strategies. While the learning curve can be steep, the payoff can be immense with valuable unique drops and consistent income streams.

Zulrah, a shape-shifting boss found in the swamps of Zul-Andra, is a favorite target for those seeking the coveted toxic blowpipe, magic fang, and other lucrative loot. In the frozen wastes of the Rellekka Slayer Caves lurks Vorkath, a vicious blue dragon that guards riches like the dragonbone necklace and skeletal visage.

For the boldest raiders, the Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut offer incredibly difficult multi-boss encounters with prestigious rewards such as the almighty twisted bow and powerful masori armor sets. Success at high-level bosses demands perseverance, skill, and dedication, but the wealth that awaits makes it a tantalizing goal for OSRS’s most elite players.

2. Runecrafting

Runecrafting, while often viewed as a tedious and click-intensive skill, can be an extremely profitable money maker for those willing to embrace the grind. Whether it’s running the Abyss to craft multiple nature runes simultaneously, unlocking the ability to produce powerful wrath runes after the Sins of the Father quest, or the ever-lucrative blood rune crafting, runecrafting presents various avenues to earn substantial amounts of gold.

The key is understanding the demand for different runes and mastering the most efficient crafting methods. Top-level runecrafters have honed muscle memory for precise clicks and movements, squeezing every ounce of experience from each inventory.

It’s a test of dedication, but the rewards can be immense – a constant stream of income from runes that are highly sought after for high-level combat training and other endgame activities. While it may seem like a solitary grind, many runecrafters find a zen-like satisfaction in the rhythmic process of churning out runes by the thousands. With focus and determination, this unique skill can transform into a veritable money printer.

3. Merching/Flipping

Merching, or flipping items on the Grand Exchange, is an art form that combines economic knowledge, patience, and a keen eye for opportunity. Those who excel at merching have developed an innate sense for fluctuations in item prices and supply/demand trends. They spend hours poring over trade data, scrutinizing margins, and seeking out overlooked items ripe for buying low and selling high. It’s a game of calculated risks, timing buy and sell offers with surgical precision to eke out profits from even the slimmest of margins.

The most successful merchers have a vast catalog of items committed to memory – resources, consumables, gear, weapons – knowing their typical price movements like the back of their hand. Positioned like carnivorous plants, they patiently await the perfect moment to strike, snatching up underpriced items and flipping them back onto the Grand Exchange at a premium.

While the profits from a single flip may seem small, over thousands of trades those tiny margins compound into a tidal wave of wealth. It’s a hustle that requires discipline, economic aptitude, and a hunger to outmaneuver the competition at every turn. For those with the skills to master it, merching represents a profound path to riches.

4. High Level Slayer

High level slayer represents the upper echelon of the iconic combat skill, tasking players with slaying some of the most formidable monsters that prowl the lands of Gielinor. Only those with maxed combat stats, top-tier gear, and an unwavering resolve can hope to tackle the daunting challenges that high level slayer throws their way.

From the chilling lairs of the gargoyles, where granite resources and adamant bars await the victor’s spoils, to the noxious pits inhabited by a coven of nechryaels, whose lucrative mix of ashes and herbs fuel many a coin pouch. Perhaps most daunting are the cavernous haunts of the brutish black dragons, where every kill carries the tantalizing chance of obtaining that most coveted of prizes – the immensely valuable draconic visage.

High slayer masters dole out these challenging assignments, pushing slayers to push past their limits combat after combat. It’s an endless series of white-knuckle encounters, balancing offensive might with defensive mastery, managing supplies with practiced precision.

Yet the spoils are unmatched – both in monetary riches from valuable drops, as well as immense pride from surmounting some of RuneScape’s most imposing adversaries. For those who conquer the climb, the summit of high level slayer represents a potent mix of wealth and glory.

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Ultimate Guide To Make Money In OSRS - CTN News (2024)
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