The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1124 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)

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Healing Touch(Anne Sallow from Hogwarts Legacy)
For the first time in a long time, Anne Sallow felt healed, complete, and ready to lived life. All of that had to do with this handsome young man and his startling green eyes. Hadrian Peverell cradled her into his arms. Anne leaned in and kissed him completely on the lips. Every bit of his touch, she craved. Everything he did, she enjoyed. The thrill of pleasure just rocked through her body as he kissed down her neck.

“Oooh, yes,” Anne moaned. “I can’t wait…for my savior to really please me.”

Anne decided to be bold. After coming so close to death, she appreciated life even more. She pushed her hand down his pants and breathed heavily. No wonder he was so popular. He had a rather nice and thick penis, long as well.Anne stroked him and coaxed his manhood out of his pants.

“Time to take your medicine, Miss Sallow.”

Oh, she would gladly take her medicine. Several injections, several times during the day. Anne leaned in and pushed her lips around him. The scent of his arousal just brought her lips down all the way. Anne just hummed delightfully around his co*ck.

“Such a good girl. Knows what’s good for her.”

Hadrian leaned back and looked down into her eyes, so full of fire. She had a zeal for life, after being on the edge of death for so long that was rather impressive. Harry picked up the pace and thrusted his rod deeper inside of Anne’s mouth and made her choke on his manhood. He leaned in and thrusted a little bit deeper, pressing down into her. His rod slammed into her mouth and he rode her in pleasure, slurping hard when she went down on him.

It was time to taste the magic. Anne lowered her lips onto him and cupped the underside of his balls. She let out another suck and finally Harry edged deep into her throat. Anne tilted her head back and let spurt after spurt to erupt down into her throat.

Anne pulled back and licked the tip of his co*ck, tasting his seed. And then she rose up, taking off her shoes and socks and she teased Hadrian’s length with her feet. Hadrian grunted when she rubbed her soft soles against him.

“Mmm, you like this, sir?” Anne asked. “You like my pretty feet rubbing up and down your handsome co*ck. I bet you do.”

“Oh, I’m not going to complain,” Hadrian said. “You’re lovely…from the top of your pretty little head, down to your sweet toes.”

Hadrian grabbed one of Anne’s pretty little feet and tongued her toes which made her breath in pleasure. Hadrian kissed up and down her legs to her puss*. Anne just let out another breath as he moved closer and closer to her puss*. Hadrian leaned in and dug her tongue inside of her dripping hot puss* from behind.

“Oooh, Morgana,” she hissed.

Anne appreciated the gift of oral he gave her. She never thought she would feel a thrill like this in her life .Anne ran her hands through his messy locks to make them even more unruly.

Those who came close to death appreciated life so much more. Hadrian had been down that road a few times before. He leaned in and made Anne squirt for him. Her puss* was dripping hot from the pleasure.

“Well, are you ready for the main event?” Hadrian asked.

She eagerly popped up and pounced on the top of him. Hadrian pulled the powerful young witch closer towards him. Anne leaned in and rubbed her wet slit against him when he pulled her closer and closer. Hadrian slipped a finger into her and tested her.

“Oooh, you’re something…else,” Anne gasped when bucking back and forth of her.

Anne straddled his lap and tasted himself. She gave him bedroom eyes. Hadrian scooped up her cheeks and lowered her puss* odwn onto his co*ck. Anne let out another hot moan when he plunged deep inside of her. His co*ck filled her puss* and stretched her out.

“So, big!” Anne yelled.

“And you’re amazing too,” Hadrian said. “And these are mine.”


Hadrian smiled and felt up her nice, luscious chest as well. Anne moaned in appreciation as she rode his co*ck. That puss* tightened and released his co*ck. She let out another cry when she pushed up and down onto him. Each thrust brought her further down onto his manhood.

Anne had been turned about and he kissed her legs. And sucked on her toes again. She really loved having her feet and legs played with. And Hadrian moved on in and pushed down into her. Her puss* sealed his co*ck up and he pushed down into her.

“Please…don’t hold back,” Anne panted for him.

One more ride and Hadrian fired his seed deep inside of Anne’s wet puss*. Anne tightened around him and milked every last drop she could. She looked at him, with fire in her eyes as he pumped her body completely full of seed.

Anne turned herself around and fingered her asshole with a dirty, dirty smile on her face. Hadrian grabbed her and teased her tight asshole. She was ready for more. And Hadrian was ready to shove his co*ck into her final hole.

“You know you want to, sir.”

“Yes,” Hadrian agreed. “I do.”

Anne screamed out. She was going to live and what was more alive than getting a big fat co*ck in her ass? Hadrian grabbed her cheeks and slammed his co*ck down into her. Anne let out another cry.

“Oooh, this is amazing,” Anne yelled.

Hadrian just groaned. He could feel her tighten around him. Anne just let out another cry in pleasure. He let out another cry when he pushed down into her asshole and pulled back. He sucked on her neck.

Anne laid down, prone on the bed and got an anal f*cking she would never forget. Hadrian played with each inch of her body when thrusting down inside of her. His balls slapped against her and he rode her into another org*sm and another, making her lose it.

Hadrian just rode the hell out of her from above and stretched her asshole, making her org*sm hard for him. Then it was his turn.

“You can get this any time. Can’t you?”

Anne got it, feeling that seed spilled deep inside of her. Hadrian pushed into her and rocked her completely, filling her ass with his seed.

“I’ll be back whenever you need your medicine more.”

She would take her medicine, in any hole ,at any time.

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1124 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (1)

The Breeding Ground - Chapter 1124 - megamatt09 - Harry Potter (2024)
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