Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (2024)

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You'll be amazed how simple it is to make your own vegan Seitan Chicken! Once you have mastered the basic recipe, you can then make it in batches. This basic recipe is then ready to marinate and BBQ, add to stews and pasta, or even make your own vegan chicken enchiladas, skewers or salads. Even better is that this method does not require loads of lengthy washing, meaning less mess and water wastage.

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The beauty of making your own seitan, is that you know exactly what is in it, it's definitely cheaper than buying pre-packaged stuff and you cut down on packaging waste.

This Basic Vegan Seitan Chicken is super versatile. It makes quite a plain 'chicken' flavour, but I think that's perfect, as it allows you to use the high-protein vegan chicken in loads of different ways. Why not try it with these Easy Vegan Hoisin Seitan Ch'kn Bao or marinaded and on the BBQ like this Peri Peri BBQ Seitan Chicken

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🍗What is seitan?

Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten. also known as VWG or Gluten Powder. The backbone of any seitan is a product called wheat gluten (wheat protein). The gluten in any wheat is what creates the elasticity and bounce you find in bread. This method of making Seitan Chicken uses Vital Wheat Gluten rather than requiring you to wash plain flour until you are left with the gluten (protein). I find it less messy to deal with and for me is a faster way of achieving the same result. It also means you can easily add flavour into the seitan itself. Vital Wheat Gluten looks like flour and is readily available online and through health food stores.

📖Key Ingredients

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (2)

These are the key ingredients for this seitan chicken:

Vital Wheat Gluten - see details above.

White Beans - you can choose to use any white beans in this recipe. Using a white bean rather than kidney or chickpeas ensures you end up with a lovely white colour, that I think really resembles chicken! Bonus is that by incorporating beans into the seitan, is that it gives you another protein source.

Onions & Garlic- I like to use fresh onions and garlic in my recipe, rather than the powered versions used in some. Firstly, I tend to have them to hand, and secondly, I prefer the flavour they bring.

White Wine or Cider Vinegar- This helps eliminate any floury taste that can occur with some VWG.

White Miso- Adds savouriness and depth of flavour. The colour helps keep the seitan chicken looking lovely and creamy-white. White miso is a staple in my cupboard and available online, in healthfood stores and supermarkets.


Here's you make the seitan chicken:

1. Mixing the seitan

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (3)
Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (4)
  1. First you want to whizz up all the ingredients except for the vital wheat gluten in a blender, adding enough water so it becomes 700ml (2 ¾ cups) in total liquid.

2) Add this to the vital wheat gluten

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (5)
Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (6)

3) Mix together so all the liquid and VWG is incorporated.

4) Leave for 15- 20 minutes to allow the VWG to absorb the liquid.

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (7)
Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (8)

5.Then knead your dough. You can do this by hand (takes ages!) or simply pop in your stand mixer or food processor with a dough hook/attachment.

6. Knead for around 15-20 minutes until smooth strings form. You can now steam your seitan!

2. Steaming the seitan chicken

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (9)
Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (10)
  1. Once the seitan chicken dough is smooth and stringy, shape it into a loaf.

2) To keep the seitan chicken from bursting out as it cooks, it needs to be double wrapped in foil. Leave a little room for it to expand, but not too much!

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (11)
Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (12)

3. Using a large pot with a trivet (or your Instant pot if you have one) Steam the seitan with the lid on for 2 hours.

4. Remove the seitan loaf from the steam and let it cool. For best results leave overnight in the fridge. Shred your Seitan Chicken and use in your yummy recipes.

TOP TIP! Make sure to cool the seitan overnight for the best shreddy chicken texture.

🌿Substitutions and Variations

  1. Small chicken 'fillet' packages: Make individual sized 'seitan chicken fillets' by making the dough into smaller parcels. Great for marinating and grilling.
  2. Different Beans: You can use chickpeas, cannellini beans or butter beans in this recipe to keep that plain 'chicken' colour. If you don't care about the colour of the seitan, use any bean you like.
  3. Flavourings: If you want to flavour up the seitan chicken itself, rather than marinating later, add your favourite herbs or spices. Seitan can take really BIG flavours so don't be shy when adding them in.


These are the questions we tend to get asked about making seitan chicken:

Do I need to use a mixer or food processor to mix the seitan?

You can do it by hand, however it is MUCH easier to use a machine.

Can I use a bamboo steamer to steam the seitan chicken?

Absolutely! If you have a nice big one, then a bamboo steamer works just as well as my old pot with trivet method.

Can I use an Instant Pot to steam the seitan?

Yes - lots of people use instant pots to steam seitan. It will take around 1 hour 20 mins in an instant pot.

Is the seitan ready to eat once steamed?

I created this recipe to be very plain, so you can make anything you would use chicken breast or chunks for. Yes you can eat it just out of the steamer, but it really tastes best when marinated or cooked with something else.

Can you freeze the Seitan?

Yes it freezes very well. This recipe makes quite a lot, so freeze in portions ready to use in your mid-week cooking.

🍜When to use & recipe ideas!

This seitan chicken is super plain, so it really lends itself to using anywhere you would have used plain chicken! You can:

  • Marinate it in this Satay Sauce, thread on skewers & BBQ or Grill it..
  • Use it to make scrummy Hoisin Chkn Bao Buns (like the photo above)
  • Toss with lots of herbs and vegan mayo (this one is good) and use as a chicken salad.

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📖 Recipe

Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (14)

Basic Vegan Seitan Chicken (No Wash Method)

Louise-Claire Cayzer

Simple ingredients make this basic No Wash Vegan Chicken Seitan wholesome and full of protein.

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Prep Time 40 minutes mins

Cook Time 2 hours hrs

Vital Wheat liquid absorbing resting time 15 minutes mins

Total Time 2 hours hrs 55 minutes mins

Course main

Cuisine Vegan

Servings 16

Calories 97 kcal

Ingredients Note:

For accuracy, I measure all ingredients in metric as standard, then convert and test the recipe for American cup measurements etc.

(Heads up Aussie and UK readers- your measurements in cups are sometimes different, so please use metric or check you have the correct cup and spoon type!!)


For the Seitan

Blender Ingredients: Make to 700ml/2.75 Cups total liquid

  • 300 g (10 ⅗ oz) White Beans (Equivlant to 1 tin/can- include the liquid in it. If you're using home-cooked beans, add extra water to gain the 700ml / 2¾ cups total)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower or rapeseed oil (or other neutral oil: NOT coconut)
  • 1 tablespoon white miso (white miso is best to keep a whiter colour, but other miso is fine)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 250 ml (1 ⅛ cups) water (**NB you might need more or less water, the aim is to make the TOTAL liquid content once blended to 700ml / 2¾ cups)


  • First whizz up all the ingredients (include the water from the tin of beans) except for the Vital Wheat Gluten in a blender until smooth and creamy.

    300 g White Beans, 1 onion, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon sunflower or rapeseed oil, 1 tablespoon white miso, 1 teaspoon salt, 250 ml water

  • You want 700 ml / 2¾ cups of liquid total, so if it is a bit less once the beans and onions are processed, add a little more.

  • In a large bowl, gently combine the liquid from the blender and the Vital Wheat Gluten.

    250 g Vital Wheat Gluten

  • Mix and leave to rest for 15-20 minutes to allow the liquid to absorb into the gluten properly (this forms better strands).

  • Now knead the dough in a mixer or food processor (or by hand) until you have smooth, very stringy elastic dough. About 15 minutes.

  • Form the dough into a loaf, then double wrap in foil.

  • Steam the seitan in a large pot with a trivet, or using a bamboo steamer for 1½ hours (be careful not to let the pot boil dry).

  • Once steamed, let cool and then shred. Even better, let it rest overnight in the fridge for the best SHREDS!



This recipe freezes really well. Just portion up to use as you need.

This is a very basic/plain chicken flavor seitan! It's best used in another recipe, eg a stir fry, or marinated and put on the BBQ- just like you would with plain chicken.

Be sure to use Vital Wheat Gluten and not regular flour- it won't work with regular/all-purpose flour.


Calories: 97kcalCarbohydrates: 8gProtein: 14gFat: 1gSaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 193mgPotassium: 136mgFiber: 1gSugar: 1gVitamin A: 1IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 43mgIron: 2mg

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  1. Deb Z says

    Chicken Seitan looks great. When you use an InstantPot, do you put it on HIGH or LOW pressure? Or STEAM setting?


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      Hi Deb- High pressure for 120 mins will work well for this recipe.


  2. LEONARD! says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (19)
    Just tried this, came out absolutely great first try! Thank you!


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      OH fantastic! I hope you make lots of delicious dishes with it!


  3. Margie says

    Do you think you could make smaller packet and steam for less time?


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      I have done this before, to try and speed up the cooking time. Divided into four they cooked at around 1 hour (ish). The way to check if they are done is to pull one out, cool it down a little then pull it apart. It should start to shred a bit. You can return it to the steamer for longer if it is not quite done yet.


  4. Caroline says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (20)
    I have been intrigued to try seitan but haven't been so sure about the store options so excited to give this homemade version a try. It looks like a great end texture.


  5. Jill says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (21)
    Those bao buns are making my mouth water! I've never tried making seitan in any form but your post is very informative. Looking forward to trying something new in 2022!


  6. Rachel says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (22)
    Love seitan and this chicken version is just perfect! Love how versatile it is to add to different dishes!


  7. Jess says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (23)
    I have never made this before but your post with all the helpful tips and information give me all the confidence I need to make it!


  8. Leslie says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (24)
    Thank you so much for this recipe! We have a family member who prefers to stay vegan and it can be difficult finding substitutes that work when we have family functions. This will be the perfect way to incorporate everyone's favorite meals while respecting her dietary choices.


  9. Mel says

    Do you rinse and drain beans or add in can with liquids?


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      Add it right in with the liquids- you want 700ml total liquid (thanks, will update to be a bit clearer!)


  10. Charlie says

    Will any other vinegar work ?


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      I would use any white/pale vinegar in this recipe. Other colours would work, just might affect how the seitan looks (but would still taste good) .


  11. Blake says

    Is there a soy free option for the miso paste in this recipe?


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      Depending on where you are, there are soy-free miso pastes available- made either with chickpeas or brown rice. Alternatively, you could substitute coconut aminos, however this will make the whole mixture darker. Or just add in a tablespoon of veggie boullion powder. The miso creates a salty/umami taste, so you want to replicate that.


  12. Jacky Collins says

    Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (25)
    I have struggled with making Seitan before over baking it or just not being happy with the texture. This recipe was so easy! Yes you have to monitor the pot while it steams but it yields so much to freeze and use later that it’s definitely worth it. I made a stir fry with some today which was yummy, the texture was just right. I chopped some into cubes before freezing in anticipation of using for kebabs at a BBQ. The rest I shredded and have frozen on a tray so I can bag it and just grab what I need when I want it. This will be a go to freezer stash for me now.


    • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

      I'm so glad you made the recipe and liked it! It makes loads, as you say, so is worth the extra effort for other easy-to-make meals! Freezing it on a tray is such a handy hint!


    • Holly says

      My steaming pot is quite small. Should I half the cooking time if the portions are divided into two and cooked together? ?


      • Louise-Claire Cayzer says

        Hi Holly,
        I've made the same recipe in 'fillets' before and steamed for around 1 and half hours - 1 hour 45 mins.. which worked well. (see this recipe method for details)


Seitan Chicken: Easy Vegan Recipe (no wash method) (2024)
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