Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2: Latest News, Cast, and Everything to Know (2024)

'All hands on deck, demigods. We're heading for the Sea of Monsters!'

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2: Latest News, Cast, and Everything to Know (1)
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The (Greek) gods must be smiling down at us, because Disney+'sPercy Jackson and the Olympianshas been renewed for a second season. The announcement was expected, since the latest adaptation of Rick Riordan's beloved novels is widely popular and has recorded more than 10 million hours streamed, according to Disney+. Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell), Annabeth Chase (Leah Sava Jeffries), and Grover Underwood (Aryan Simhadri) sure went through a lot in Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1, but their adventures have only just begun.

Disney+ shared the news of the renewal on Feb. 7 and confirmed that Season 2 will be based on Riordan's second book in his Percy Jackson series: The Sea of Monsters. "I can't wait to bring the next season of Percy Jackson to Disney+! Raise anchors. Hoist the mainsail. All hands on deck, demigods," the author said in a press release. "We're heading for the Sea of Monsters!" The network also said that Scobell, Chase, and Underwood are set to return in their roles. Rick and Becky Riordan are set to continue as executive producers.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1 ended with the betrayal we were all waiting for. In the last moments of the finale, Luke Castellan (Charlie Bushnell) reveals to Percy that he has been the lightning thief all along. Kronos has opened his eyes to the truth, Luke says, and he now believes the gods are his enemies. Unfortunately for him, Percy refuses to join his side, and the two former pals fight each other. Luke is just about to stab Percy when Annabeth — who heard their entire conversation — intervenes, and Luke, the son of Hermes, escapes.

It'll be a long while before Percy and the demigods return to our screens. But TV Guide will be tracking all the announcements about Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2: Latest News, Cast, and Everything to Know (3)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2 latest news

After Percy Jackson and the Olympians was renewed for a second season, Riordan took to Threads to share an update about production. "A good first day yesterday in the PJO season two writers' room!" he wrote. "As I mentioned, we had a mini-room going before the WGA strike to start the scripts, on the assumption we'd get a green light, so we aren't starting from zero this week."

Riordan added, "The scripts we have so far are in excellent shape. Can't wait to see more of Luke, Clarisse, Mr. D is [sic] S2. And of course Tyson! It was great to see our writing team again. Going back in today!"

Asked about the approach the producers will take in adapting the second book, co-creator and executive producer Jonathan E. Steinbergsaid the recipe will stay the same. "The goal is to to take the book and find its soul," Steinberg said at the 2024 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour in February.

Steinberg was also asked about the timeline for the next installment, including when filming begins. "The easy but true answer is, as soon as possible," Steinberg said, noting that Season 2 was only just greenlit.

Percy Jackson and the OlympiansSeason 2 cast

Scobell is set to return as Percy Jackson, Jeffries as Annabeth, and Simhadri as Grover. FromRiordan's post,we're also expecting to see Bushnell as Luke, Dior Goodjohn as Clarisse, and Jason Mantzoukas as Mr. D.

In the first season, Lance Reddickstarred as Zeus, the king of Olympus. Reddick passed away in March 2023, before the series launched on Disney+. "With Lance, we recently got a text from his wife who said how proud he would've been of seeing it," executive producer Dan Shotz said in February at the 2024 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. He and Steinberg were asked about the casting of Zeus in the second season. "I don't think anybody is there yet," Steinberg said.

At the press tour, the cast also shared their dream casting for iconic characters from the books. "We all talk about this all the time," Scobell said. "We call [Jonathan and Dan] sometimes and tell them." The actor said he recently watched The Hunger Games. "I thought Sam Claflin would be a cool Apollo," he shared. Meanwhile, Simhadri said that he and Scobell are "huge fans of God of War" and would love for Christopher Judge to play Atlas.

Where to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2: Latest News, Cast, and Everything to Know (2024)
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