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They watched the animals block the cars, sounds of annoyance, animals growls, and horns filling her ears as she watched with amusem*nt.

"This seems dangerous," Percy said.

"Oh, they'll be totally fine. I gave them a satyr's blessing," Grover said, "so they'll be able to reach the wilderness safely."

"I meant for the people," Percy said.

"Oh! Them. Well, I mean, I'm sure they'll... yeah I don't know but the animals are all set," Grover said.

"Okay, come on, before the cops show up," Annabeth said.

"So how do we know which hotel is the lotus?" Percy asked.

"I'm guessing the one with the giant Lotus blossom on it," Annabeth said, sarcastically and Venus looked at the building.

"You were like two seconds ahead of me. Seriously," Percy said with a smile. Annabeth rolled her eyes, also smiling and they walked away.

They had a long discussion about what to do and what not to do. Grover split from them and Annabeth didn't let Venus too because she said that Venus couldn't be trusted to not eat anything. Venus had scoffed but it was true. She was starving and could eat anything if persuaded.

"I was with Luke a long time before Grover found us. I saw stuff Grove didn't get to see," Annabeth said.

"Like meeting Luke's dad?" Percy asked.

"Like meeting his mom," Annabeth said and Venus looked at her. Luke never once mentioned his mom to her. Never told her about his dad or what he went through before he came to camp. It was always about her and she had started to feel selfish. But comforted herself by saying that she tried to get him to talk but he just didn't want to talk about it.

"She's a seer. A human who can look through the Mist. Sometimes, they see stuff that messes them up. Scary stuff. Stuff that hasn't happened yet. Stuff they know is going to happen," Chills rose in her arms with each word Annabeth said.

"I think it happened to her and Luke blames Hermes for it. And I think Hermes would do anything to win him back," She said. "Maybe helping us is a start."

"What is her name? Luke's mother's?" Venus asked.

"He didn't tell you?" She asked and Venus looked away, embarrassed.

"May. May Castellan," Annabeth said,

After a long while of walking around, talking, and searching. they finally found the Gods of Travelers.

"Hey, demigods, welcome." The man said, smiling. The three shared a look.

"We were sent to find you," Annabeth said.

"Well, you found me," He said. "Come join us. You kids know how to play crabs?"

"Look, we don't really have a lot of time," Annabeth said as they walked closer, "We need your help to-"

"I know what you need my help for," He said. "You want my help to sneak into the underworld,"

"Wow," Percy said, amused. "You're a really good guesser,"

"I exist beyond space and time, kid," Hermes said. "Why do you think they put me in charge of delivering the mail?" The three kids shared a look again.

"Look, you're not the first demigods to ask, and, trust me, you won't be the first demigods to walk away disappointed. So you might as well at least play a little-" He said but Annabeth cut him off.

"We're friends of Luke's," She said, as they backed away. Venus observed as the smile from the God's face slowly slipped and he looked between the three.

"Yeah," he said, looking at his hands. He looked behind us before walking closer, "okay," his arm wrapped around the two girl's shoulders and his hand resting on Percy's back as they suddenly shifted to another place.

Venus looked around, wide-eyed. "Time and space are easy, kids. Parenting is... something else," Hermes said, sitting down in his seat. "Have a seat," He said and the three sat down on the chairs after looking around.

"I remember you," Hermes said to Annabeth, "you were there. Last time I saw Luke," Both Percy and Venus looked at her.

"Yes," Annabeth said. "I saw you argue. I heard what he said. That what happened to his mom was your fault. That it was all your fault. That he hated you,"

"Help us get to the Underworld. Help us retrieve Zeus's master bolt from Hades, and he'll see that you care," Annabeth said.

Hermes stayed quiet, looking at the three of them one by one before speaking, "There is a way to the Underworld. A secret way. I've helped others find it before. And do you know what happens every single time?" He asked.

"I mean, every single time," Hermes said, "you don't want my help, trust me."

"No, we actually kind of do," Percy said.

"I was warned to stay away from Luke and his mother. Warned and no matter how much I tried to help, I would just make things worse," He said. Venus stared at him, not knowing who to feel bad for. Her heart broke for both of them and she also felt as if she wasn't trustful enough to Luke for him to share about himself with her.

Two years of depending on him and trusting him with her whole being and yet she wasn't trusted enough for him to tell her who he was and who he belonged to and what happened in the past.

And she was finding it all from Annabeth.

"And I went anyway. And it wasn't just awful for Luke. It was awful for all of us. Do you know what that feels like?" He asked. "To be so close to someone you love, knowing neither of you has any choice but to keep hurting each other?"

"I know you do," Hermes said, touching Percy's hand who seemed as if going into a memory and he pulled his hand away.

"Should I remind you two?" Hermes asked, forwarding his hand but Venus and Annabeth backed theirs away.

"I remember just fine," Annabeth said. "Are you gonna help us or not?" She asked.

"I don't get involved anymore," Hermes said and grabbed his glass, leaning back in his chair. "It's just not worth it. I'm sorry."

"Then this was all just a waste of time. And we don't have time to waste," Annabeth said. She shook her head and walked away. Venus got up too, her pity for Hermes disappearing and she walked away.

𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐔𝐒 - luke castellan. - xix, animal crossing (2024)
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