How to Advertise on TikTok: Promote Your Content (2024)

Ah, TikTok. Apopular app that has been getting alot ofattention lately. Actually, it’s getting somuch attention that itrecently hit one billion worldwide users! People are flocking toTikTok formusic, dance videos, funny pet videos, andbasically anything else you can think of. That’s thepower ofahighly personalized video feed.

Besides being theworld’s fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok isanexcellent way toengage with your audience andreach out tonew potential customers inanorganic way that feels easy-going. Read ontolearn all about themost beneficial TikTok tools forsmall business owners.

Why Should You Use TikTok forYour Business?

Let’s start with themost obvious question: should you use TikTok foryour business? Or, actually, why isTikTok even athing forbusinesses?

Toanswer those questions, let’s point out themain differentiating features oftheplatform from theother social media channels out there:

TikTok Has aHuge Audience andIsGrowing Fast

Besides theone billion users mentioned above, TikTok shows explosive growth across theboard:

  • TikTok went from 55million global users in2018to689million in2020.
  • Asofthefirst half of2021, TikTok isthemost downloaded andhighest-grossing non-game app intheworld. Itreached three billion downloads, becoming thefirst non-Facebook app tohit that milestone.

Not only istheTikTok audience huge, but it’s also very diverse. Itboasts users from avariety ofage groups (from 10to50+ years) andwith truly diverse interests. There are tons ofcommunities onTikTok: #baketok, #synthtok, #parenttok, andsoon. That makes theplatform agreat spot foradvertising, nomatter what you sell.

TikTok’s Recommendation System IsOff theCharts

TikTok’s recommendation system determines which videos will appear onauser’s For You page (the steady stream ofvideos they see when they open theapp).

AsTikTok puts it, theFor You page “is powered byarecommendation system that delivers content toeach user that islikely tobeofinterest tothat particular user.”

Tocurate this unputdownable feed, TikTok considers every little thing about your interactions with videos oraccounts. For example, itconsiders clips you like orshare, creators you follow, comments you post, aswell ascontent you make.

Recommendations are also based onvideo information (captions, sounds, hashtags) andyour device type andaccount settings (language andcountry).

The magic oftherecommendation system allows TikTok toconstantly present users with content they like. People open theapp andliterally get anendless stream ofvideos they are interested in. Which brings ustoour next point:

People Spend aLot ofTime onTikTok

When wesay “alot,” wemean ALOT. Onaverage, people spend 24.5hours onTikTok per month. IntheUKandtheUS, that’s more time than users spend onYouTube!

According toApp Annie’s State ofMobile report, TikTok’s average monthly time spent per user grew faster than nearly every other app analyzed, surpassing Facebook (Iknow, wecan’t believe iteither).

Asabusiness owner, you want toreach your potential customers where they already spend time. Not only does TikTok have asuper big andengaged audience, but itcontinues togrow, thanks totherecommendation system that users love. So, when itcomes topromoting your brand onsocial media, TikTok should beatthetop ofyour list ofplatforms totest out.

Products Can GoViral onTikTok

Check out #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag—it has 5.6billion views intheapp. You see, onTikTok, products can goviral—just like songs, trends, orfilters.

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For example, when afeta pasta recipe blew uponTikTok, some social media users complained that cheese aisles intheir local stores were running low onfeta because oftherecipe’s popularity.

There are lots ofother products that have become difficult tobuy after going viral onTikTok. For example, some CeraVe skincare products, roller skates, thePink Stuff cleaning paste, Zara jeans, Peter Thomas Roth firming eye cream, Prepdeck kitchen organizer, Cat Crack catnip. The list goes onandon!

TikTok users can duet, stitch, andreact toeach other’s videos which, besides promoting co-creation, works associal proof when itcomes toproduct testing. When you see dozens ofvideos onyour For You page with different people (not brands) testing thesame product, you’ll start tobelieve that it’s truly worth thehype.

Now let’s explore how exactly you can use theapp forgrowing your brand visibility andsales.

How toAdvertise onTikTok

TikTok isranked number one globally foradequity. Ortosay itanother way, users find ads ontheapp valuable, thanks toplatform-specific adformats that allow you topromote your products andservices onTikTok inanative way. Let’s explore how you can advertise your business onTikTok with ads.

Tostart running effective adcampaigns, you need toconnect your online store toTikTok forBusiness through your ecommerce platform, aka Ecwid.

Connecting your online store toTikTok forBusiness allows you torun effective adcampaigns. For example, display ads that show aspecific product topeople that were checking out that item onyour website. Or, promote your products topeople that have alot incommon with your customers andare likely tobeinterested inwhat you have tooffer.

After you connect your online store toTikTok forBusiness with Ecwid, you’ll beable to:

Feature Products inYour Ads

Having your product catalog andyour TikTok forBusiness account synced, you can create andmanage ads that display your products–Spark Ads, Collection Ads orCatalog Sales Objective Ads.

Spark Ads are your organic in-feed videos that you can turn into ads andadd acall-to-action button tothem. With your product catalog andyour TikTok forBusiness account synced, you’ll beable tolink toyour product page inyour Spark Ads.

You can also use organic videos ofother creators that feature your product andturn them into Spark Ads topromote them inthefeed.

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Collection Ads allow customers tobrowse acollection ofproducts right intheapp. You can either pick theitems toshow yourself, orlet TikTok Ads Manager display themost relevant products foreach potential customer.

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Catalog Sales Objective Ads display specific products topeople who have expressed interest inthem onyour website (this feature isavailable only intheUSandIndonesia fornow).

Depending onyour experience, you can choose between asimplified way ofcreating ads andafully customizable adcampaign creation.

Ecwid provides you with alight version ofTikTok Ads Manager that you can reach right from your Ecwid Control Panel. Itisasimplified experience forcreating anadcampaign innotime. Perfect forbeginners! Pro users can gototheir TikTok Ads Manager (that can bedone from theEcwid Control Panel) andget thefull control experience onsetting upanad.

Run More Effective AdCampaigns

When you connect your store toTikTok forBusiness, you automatically gain access toasmart analytics tool called TikTok Pixel. Itcomes pre-installed inyour store right away, soitcan start working immediately tohelp you better understand potential customers’ behavior onyour website.

But what does TikTok Pixel doexactly? We’re happy you asked! Ittracks actions customers take onyour website. For example, how many people viewed aspecific product page, searched foranitem, added something toacart, ormade apurchase.

TikTok Pixel allows you tofind theright audience foryour ads. For instance, you can use Pixel’s data toreach out topeople with common behavior toyour current customers, orthose who previously engaged with your store.

The key torunning ads that actually bring you sales istoadvertise totheright audience–people who might actually beinterested inyour products. With Ecwid, you can get data from TikTok Pixel toanalyze your adperformance andadjust your ads toensure your products are displayed totheright people.

Advertising onTikTok isavailable forsellers inall countries supported byTikTok. Sowhat are you waiting for?

Advertise onTikTok

Ifyou need help connecting your store toTikTok orwant tolearn more about advertising ontheapp, our detailed Help Center instructions will definitely come inhandy.

Start Advertising onTikTok

Inaddition tobeing theworld’s fastest-growing social media platform, TikTok isafantastic way toreach out topotential customers inafun andorganic way. With carefully targeted ads andbuilt-in shopping, you can reach new andexisting customers where they already spend lots oftime (because let’s behonest, once you get started, it’s hard toput theapp down).

Sign up forEcwid tocreate anonline store andconnect ittoTikTok toshowcase your products toalarge anddiverse audience.

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How to Advertise on TikTok: Promote Your Content (2024)
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