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All About Reading Level 2 (2)

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All About Reading Level 2 (9)

All About Reading Level 2 (10) CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    Here's What You'll Need for Level 2

    • All About Reading Level 2 (11)


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      All About Reading Level 2 Materials

      Package includes: one Teacher's Manual, one Student Packet (Activity Book, Flashcards, Stickers), and two readers.

      • This materials set is the core of the Level 2 reading program. It contains the student and teacher materials needed to effectively teach Level 2.
      • The teacher's manual and readers in this set are non-consumable. However, if you are using Level 2 with more than one student, you will need an additional Student Packet, Reading Review Box, and Reading Divider Cards for each student.
    • All About Reading Level 2 (12)


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      Reading Review Box

      This is a one-time purchase (per student). Flashcards NOT included. Includes tabbed Reading Dividers and foam spacers.

      • The Reading Review Box includes the Reading Divider Cards and provides the ideal solution for organizing the Phonogram and Word Cards used for daily review.
      • Only one box is needed for each student. This box will be used for all levels of All About Reading.
    • All About Reading Level 2 (13)


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      Letter Tiles

      This is a one-time purchase per household. Includes every tile needed for both AAS and AAR, magnets, and two storage bags.

      • The Letter Tiles are used for both reading and spelling, so if you already have a set of physical Letter Tiles or the Letter Tiles app, you do not need to buy an additional set.
      • For a digital alternative, scroll down the page to read about the Letter Tiles app for tablets. It can be purchased from your favorite app store.
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    Something Fishy Review Book This optional review book features 16 colorful ocean-themed activities for extra reading or spelling practice.
    Birds of a Feather Review Book This optional review book features 16 colorful bird-themed activities for extra reading or spelling practice.
    Reading Tote Bag Store your All About Reading books and supplies in this sturdy tote bag. It helps keep you organized!
    Reading Buddy Bundle - Level 2 This "just for fun" product features Herman the frog and contains two bookmarks, a viewfinder, and a sheet of frog-themed stickers—perfect for motivating young readers!

    Teaching Multiple Students?

    All About Reading makes it easy to teach multiple students! If you're teaching more than one child, you'll need to purchase a few individual products for each child.

    All About Reading Level 2 (26)

    Each additional student will need:

    • All About Reading Level 2 Student Packet
    • Reading Review Box

    All About Reading Level 2 (27)

    Letter Tiles App

    Price $19.99

    The Letter Tiles app for tablets can be used in place of or in addition to the physical Letter Tiles. The Letter Tiles app can be purchased from the app store of your choice and is available for iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets as well as touch-enabled Chromebooks.

    • Build and divide words into syllables
    • Quickly and easily hear the sounds of the phonograms
    • No more lost letter tiles!

    Placement for Level 2

    Please note that the level numbers on our books do not refer to grade levels. Our lessons are mastery-based, not grade-level-based. This means that students are placed according to their current ability rather than their age or grade level.

    Complete this placement test to determine if your student is ready for Level 2.

    Begin Placement Test

    Look Inside Level 2

    See What's Taught

    What's Taught in Level 2

    Your student will learn exciting new concepts, including three-letter blends, the jobs of Silent E, new phonograms, and methods for decoding multisyllable words – and continue to establish a firm foundation for a lifetime of learning. Every component of reading is taught: decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Below is a sampling in each area.

    Decoding (Phonics)

    • Learn phonograms WH, EE, ER, AR, OR, ED, OY, OI, AW, AU, OW, and OU
    • Read words containing the new phonograms, such as whale, sheep, herd, farm, horn, toy, boil, saw, haul, flower, and found
    • Read words with long I or O before two consonants, as in find and gold
    • Read words with soft C, as in race
    • Read words with soft G, as in gem
    • Learn the first four jobs of Silent E

    Decoding (Structural Analysis)

    • Identify base words
    • Read contractions, such as they’ll
    • Learn syllable division rules for reading multisyllable words
    • Read words with past tense ending ed, including all three sounds, as in wanted, snowed, and chipped


    • Discuss new words in the context of the story and one’s own life
    • Understand hom*ophones
    • Understand synonyms and antonyms


    • Read with accuracy
    • Read with meaningful expression
    • Read with natural phrasing


    • Connect text to one's own experiences
    • Make predictions
    • Compare and contrast main characters
    • Skim for specific information
    • Make inferences from the text
    • Discuss character motivation, main conflict
    • Identify the main character

    Table of Contents

    View Sample

    Scope and Sequence

    View Sample

    Level 2 Teacher's Manual

    View Sample

    Level 2 Activity Book

    View Sample

    What Am I? Reader

    View Sample

    Queen Bee Reader

    View Sample

    Have Questions about Level 2?

    How many lessons are in Level 2?

    Level 2 has 57 lessons. Please know that the lessons in All About Reading are not meant to be completed in one day.

    In fact, some lessons may take a week or more to finish. A number of variables contribute to how quickly a lesson can be completed: your student’s age, attention span, prior experience, the difficulty of the concept being taught, and the length of the stories.

    How do I get started with Level 2?

    For a complete overview of how to prepare to teach All About Reading Level 2, see the detailed "Preparing for Level 2" information on pages 9-32 of your Teacher's Manual or watch the Level 2 Preparing to Teach All About Reading videos.

    What if I have more than one student?

    If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you will need to order additional Student Packets for each student. The Level 2 Materials contain enough for teaching one student.

    If you will be reusing your Level 2 Materials for future students, you can reuse the Student Packets. Download extra consumable components of the Level 2 Student Packet here:

    • Progress Chart
    • Read-Aloud Record
    • Certificate of Achievement

    Can I get extra copies of the Progress Chart, Read-Aloud Record, and Certificate of Achievement?

    Yes! You can download them here:

    Color Edition:

    • Progress Chart
    • Read-Aloud Record
    • Certificate of Achievement

    Third Edition:

    • Progress Chart
    • Read-Aloud Record
    • Certificate of Achievement

    I already purchased the Letter Tiles to use with All About Spelling. Do I need to purchase an additional Letter Tiles kit?

    Our Letter Tiles are designed to be used for both All About Reading and All About Spelling and include all letter tiles needed for every level of both programs. You will only need one kit per household. If you purchased your Letter Tiles before April 2023, see additional information in the "Previous Editions" FAQ section below.

    I already purchased a Spelling Review Box. Do I still need to purchase a Reading Review Box?

    Yes. Each box comes with divider cards, and these are different for reading and spelling. Also, you will want a separate Reading Review Box to store and organize the flashcards that come in your All About Reading Student Packet. If you are teaching multiple students, we recommend purchasing separate review boxes for each child.

    Previous Editions

    I purchased the Letter Tiles kit prior to April 2023. Do I need to purchase the revised Letter Tiles kit?

    The older kit did not include specialty tiles (Syllable Tags, prefixes, and suffixes). Instead, these were included in the Level 2-4 Student Packets as needed. The Level 2-4 Student Packets will continue to include specialty tiles to ensure customers still receive all the tiles needed for the program. However, there have been multiple improvements to our new Letter Tiles kit that might benefit you, such as:

    • Every tile needed for all levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling including prefixes, suffixes, Greek word parts, and Latin word parts
    • Tokens to use with All About Spelling Level 1
    • Updated Syllable Tags that will be used for both programs
    • 2 zip storage bags for easy organization

    Can I mix and match the Third Edition with the Color Edition of Level 2?

    Yes you can! See our correlations chart.

    Does the Color Edition of Level 2 contain any new lesson content?

    Yes, the Color Edition of Level 2 contains new stories, lessons, and activities.

    Can I still buy Third Edition materials?

    We're sorry, Third Edition materials are no longer available.

    What happened to your Interactive Kits?

    We've made purchasing even easier! Due to customer feedback, we have phased out our Interactive Kits. Instead, the Letter Tiles now include all tiles and magnets needed for all levels of All About Reading and All About Spelling and are purchased separately as a one-time purchase. The divider cards are also now included with the review boxes.

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      All About Reading Level 2 (2024)


      What grade is all about reading level 2 for? ›

      AAR Level 2 corresponds with first-grade level reading and focuses on things like CVCE words, two-letter vowel teams, three-letter consonant blends, contractions, and shorter multi-syllable words.

      What does Level 2 Reader mean? ›

      Level 2 is for readers who are increasingly confident, but still need some help. Books at this level, like Frog and Toad Are Friends, and Amelia Bedelia titles include more complex story lines, longer sentences, and more challenging words.

      How many levels are in all about reading? ›

      All About Reading consists of four levels (Levels 1-4), plus a Pre-reading program. Learn more about AAR here. After completing Level 4, your child has all the skills needed to decode just about any word. Read more about what you can do after your child completes Level 4.

      What age is step into reading level 2? ›

      Step 2: For preschool to grade 1. Step 2 includes basic vocabulary, short sentences, and simple stories. This level is for children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help. Step 3: For grades 1 to 3.

      What grade is all about reading level 3? ›

      We didn't take a break and dived right into 2nd grade with All About Reading Level 3 (AAR 3).

      What reading level is the average 2nd grader at? ›

      2nd Grade: 16-24. 3rd Grade: 24-38. 4th Grade: 38-40. 5th Grade: 40-50.

      What age is level 1 all about reading for? ›

      However, I'd like to suggest the Pre-Reading program for preschool/kindergarten, Level 1 for higher Kindergarten/1st Grade and so forth. It will really depend on how much your child already knows. If you are not sure at what level to begin, there are placement tests available on the website.

      Does all about reading help with dyslexia? ›

      Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, All About Reading is a highly effective way to teach struggling readers and students with dyslexia.

      Does all about reading use the Orton-Gillingham approach? ›

      All About Reading is a comprehensive, phonics-based reading program. It uses an approach called the Orton-Gillingham Approach, which was originally developed for children with dyslexia and language processing issues. But the beauty of this approach is that it truly works for all types of learners.

      What should my child be able to read by Grade 2? ›

      Reading in Second Grade
      • Reads more complex words, such as two-syllable words.
      • Reads words with common prefixes and suffixes, for example: pre-, re-, un-, -able, -ad, and -er.
      • Reads grade-appropriate, irregularly spelled words (consult your child's teacher for a specific list of these words).
      Aug 13, 2020

      At what level should a first grader be reading? ›

      To Meet the “Guided Reading” Benchmark, 1st-grade students should be instructional at Level G (independent F) by January and Level J (independent I) by June. Get Level C-J books on Amazon or at the public library. Here is a book list!

      What age is Stage 2 reading? ›

      4.5 to 5 years

      What age is World of reading level 2? ›

      Product information
      Publisher‎Leveled Readers (1 Sept. 2014)
      Library Binding‎32 pages
      Reading age5 - 8 years
      5 more rows

      What letter is Grade 2 reading level? ›

      In general, by the end of 2nd grade, most students are expected to be reading at a level that is equivalent to Level M or N on the Fountas and Pinnell Text Level Gradient. These levels typically correspond to a Guided Reading Level of around 18-20.

      What are the reading levels for each grade? ›

      • Kindergarten: A - 4.
      • 1st Grade: 4 - 16.
      • 2nd Grade: 16 - 24.
      • 3rd Grade: 24 - 38.
      • 4th Grade: 38 - 40.
      • 5th Grade: 40 - 50.
      • 6th Grade: 50 - 60.
      • 7th & 8th Grade: 60 - 80.

      What is level 3 reading book? ›

      Level 3 books are written for independent readers. They include challenging words and more complex themes and stories.

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