Delia de Leon, Meher Baba's close disciple since 1931, started our collections half a century ago
Inspired by Delia, Pete Townshend of rock band The Who founded the Film Archive in 1970
at The Boathouse on the bank of the River Thames in London, UK, under the name Meher Baba Oceanic

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Whether you are a fan of The Who or Pete Townshend or rock music... or new to Meher Baba... or a seasoned Baba follower...
there will be something here for you! is the website of Meher Baba Film Archive International (MBF) the principal charitable organization in the world for the conservation of Avatar Meher Baba movies. We celebrate 250,000 site visitors by rolling out our Phase IV
site design during 2010-11.

You can view many Meher Baba videos free of charge and learn all about the first Avatar in creation to appear on film video and DVD!

the full story of
Pete Townshend's version
of Baba's O Parvardigar

Pete Townshend DVD Collector's Box Set of the three O Parvardigar videos
on half-price special offer for Spring 2010. Meher Baba's disciple Bal Natu was one inspiration for the restoration.
'Bal gave us this letter where Baba
asks his secretary Adi to arrange
some filming. Baba says,
"If people who have not seen me persoanlly see me through the medium of film - it will help them in the process of liberating them from the bondage of illusion."

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What is the Archive?

Meher Baba Film Archive International (MBF, formerly MEFA)
is the main organization and
center of expertise in the world responsible for very long-term conservation (700 years)
and restoration
of Meher Baba films
and related motion picture
and video material

MBF is a not-for-profit charitable trust

Avatar Meher Baba's physical life spanned 1894 to 1969. His best known saying is, "Don't worry, Be happy ... I will help you"
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MBF moved from Pete Townshend's River Thames Boathouse building, Meher Baba Oceanic, to Norwich Norfolk, UK in 1990
where it was gifted property
on which to build its own
state-of-the-art long-term film conservation facility.

" To visit the Archive is an extraordinary experience! It is to enter a sacred space of the 21st century. A space designed and built to house possibly the most valuable treasures of our time".

" No other Avatar has created this unique mode of recording the image of God. The spiritual, if not to say, historic value is inestimable".

Jane Hoskin, artist
and editor Meher Baba Association newsletter
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Latest News

Meher Baba's 43rd Amartithi
January 31st - 1969 to 2012

The new restored ENTOMBMENT FILM can be played in Flash within the PICTURE GALLERY see the archive at work

MORE ABOUT THE NEW FILM. Richard O'Casey's new and painstaking restoration of THE ENTOMBMENT FILM has never been released and is completly different from all previous versions of this film! It includes the historic 1982 commentary by the late Don Stevens who edited the original footage taken between January 31st and February 7th 1969 at the internment of the body of Avatar Meher Baba at Meherabad, Ahmednagar District, India.

You have never seen footage of Baba's entombment like this before. The quality is breath-taking. Quite incredible!

This is being screened for two weeks only
to mark the 43rd anniversary (Amartithi)
of Avatar Meher Baba's entombment


Happy 86th Birthday Bhau

Films featuring our dear friend Bhau Kalchuri... the long-serving (and long-suffering) Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India can be played in Flash see play films.

More films will appear during 2012 in the new Flash player films page. Until then we regret that other films will not be available to view.

If you have problems let us know by emailing help@this site address